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Kailee Morgan Birth Doula

Supporting Women and Families through Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum

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About Me

Who I Am

Hello! My name is Kailee. I am a DONA and VBAC trained doula in Volusia County, Florida and surrounding areas. I offer personalized prenatal, birthing, and postnatal support. My goal is to give you and your family the attention and knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your pregnancy and labor process. To learn more about me and the services that I offer, please get in touch.

What I offer

Prenatal Visits

After beginning our relationship with a meet and greet, I am committed to your health and the wellbeing of your growing family, available whenever needed throughout your entire pregnancy as well as after giving birth. I will be there to provide you with continuous emotional and physical support, and answer any and all questions you may have. I offer two prenatal visits where we go over your birth preferences, discuss all of your options you have when it comes to labor and delivery, breastfeeding, postpartum care, comfort measures, and labor/birthing positions.

Birthing Guidance

As soon as you know you are in labor you will call me. I will meet you at your home or at your birth place. I will provide continuous labor support. I will bring my doula bag with essentials to help you feel more comfortable. The most important things I always bring with me to a birth are my hands, my heart, and my ears. I stay with you up to 2 hours after baby is born to ease you into your new role as mom.

Postpartum Visit

Within the week of you giving birth I will come to your home to check in with you and baby. We will make sure breastfeeding is going well, that you feel happy and healthy, and in this time I will offer to help with any household chores or grocery shopping. Our journey and our bond does not end here. I always have a special place in my heart for my clients and I hope to stay in touch and watch your beautiful children grow!


With a Doula Present

25% Shorter Labor       

50% Reduction in Caesarean Rate

40% Reduction in Forceps being used in Delivery

60% Reduction in Epidural Request

30% Reduction in Analgesia Use

30% Reduction in Oxytocin Use

Hello everyone! Welcome to my page. My n


DONA Trained Doula

Families who work with a DONA certified birth or postpartum doula know that they’re getting someone who has completed in-depth, high-quality, evidence-based training. DONA International upholds the highest standards for certified doulas, and you can rest assured that you will receive the highest level of support from a DONA certified doula! -DONA

The VBAC Link Advanced Doula Training

Through this training I feel 100% confident in my ability to support VBAC parents. I know and understand all of the evidence-based information and research about VBAC. I can guide you to help find the best provider for you

"However you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life."

Ina May Gaskin


608-957-1060 or 386-643-0328

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Pregnant woman in nature